Last night was fucked. I got drunk with a friend and we ended up meeting two boys, we were drunk so we didn’t have a clue, he offered us to go back to his so we went. We got there and a few hours later I started to sober up and all of a sudden they started taking the piss out of me so I left, I sat out in the garages, but my friend was still in there and she wanted an hours sleep so I waited, I went back for her and she was crying and was sick, she kept saying ‘how could you leave me? They could have done anything’, I felt like shit, I was crying I couldn’t stay in there and I cut myself with my key before I went back in. We walked home and I dropped her home and jogged back to mine, I got in and got some water and went to my room. I tried to sleep, but I felt so down, I got my blade out and I’ve got 15 deep slashes on my leg, one is the deepest I’ve ever gone, the flesh is parted so much, it’s beautiful. It wasn’t enough, I wanted to sleep, I needed to go into a deep sleep, I normally take a few¬†paracetamols and it helps me sleep, but I wanted more, I took 10 paracetamols and 8 aspirins and just laid in bed, I didn’t have any other tablets in my room so couldn’t of taken more. I woke up hungover and in pain, my stomach and head are killing me, it was a horrible night¬†